Bill Belichick is the target of a big shot from a former Dolphins star.


The Miami Dolphins decided to honor legendary coach Don Shula on Saturday by hosting an event at Hard Rock Stadium where family members and former players could discuss his legacy. Former Dolphins linebacker Kim Bokamper decided to take a shot at New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick during the event.

When discussing Shula’s professionalism, Bokamper brought up a major scandal involving New England a few years ago. “You didn’t have to come to our field and check to see if all the balls were properly inflated,” Bokamper explained. “With Don Shula, you didn’t have to worry about someone filming from the stands. ”

The Patriots were the subject of a major NFL investigation in 2015. Prior to the AFC Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts, they were accused of deflating footballs on purpose. Despite the fact that Tom Brady received the harshest penalty as a result of “Deflategate,” Bokamper felt compelled to take a shot at Belichick this afternoon.

We don’t think Belichick will be bothered by Bokamper’s remarks. It’s not like he’s a verbose individual.

Patriots fans, on the other hand, are outraged that Bokamper took a shot at Belichick while attending an event honoring Don Shula. Nokia News



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