Graham Mertz, Wisconsin’s quarterback, leaves the game after a brutal hit.


The second half of the game between Michigan and Wisconsin started with a major injury. After taking a brutal shot to the ribs from Wolverines defensive back Dax Hill, Badgers quarterback Graham Mertz had to leave the game.

On third down, Michigan used a delayed blitz to throw Mertz off. Mertz, unfortunately, was unable to defend himself on the field.

Mertz stayed on the ground for a few minutes after taking that hit from Hill on third down. Before heading to the locker room, he was evaluated in the medical tent. Wisconsin has listed Mertz as questionable to return due to a chest injury at this time.

Here’s the play where Mertz was hurt:

The good news for Wisconsin is that before he left the field, Mertz gave his teammates a thumbs up. Another encouraging sign was that he was able to walk off the field on his own.

Against Michigan, Mertz, who has struggled for the majority of the season, was actually playing quite well.

Mertz completed 8-of-15 pass attempts for 115 yards and a touchdown in the first half. He showed significant improvement from his start against Notre Dame last week, when he threw four interceptions.

When more information about Mertz’s condition becomes available, we’ll let you know. Nokia News



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