Lane Kiffin’s decisions have stunned the college football world.


Before Saturday’s game against Alabama, Ole Miss head football coach Lane Kiffin had a message for everyone watching on CBS. He said,

, “Get your popcorn ready.”

It’s all Alabama in Tuscaloosa almost two-thirds of the way through. Late in the second quarter, the Crimson Tide had a 21-0 lead over the Rebels.

Kiffin has taken a number of chances on fourth down. Kiffin’s decisions on Saturday have stunned the college football world. “WTF is Lane doing?”

Dan Wolken tweeted, “Totally on tilt.”

“Ole Miss has probable cause to fire Lane Kiffin. Shannon Sharpe tweeted, “That’s just dumb football.” “That’s dumb football..”

It’s the second half of the game, and you’re going for it on your own 25 and 30 yard lines. ”

It’s understandable to be aggressive against Alabama, but Kiffin went above and beyond on Saturday afternoon – and it didn’t pay off.

On Saturday afternoon, Alabama leads Ole Miss 21-0. The Crimson Tide are also on the verge of scoring another touchdown.

The game will be broadcast on CBS.

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