Lee Corso Appears To Have Inadvertently Leaked His Headgear Pick.


ESPN’s College GameDay premiered from Georgia on Saturday morning, ahead of the Bulldogs’ game against the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Kirk Herbstreit gave a behind-the-scenes look at Lee Corso getting ready for the show before it started. Herbie asked the former coach about the upcoming Georgia-Arkansas game during their conversation. Corso revealed his game pick when asked about his thoughts on the game.

It’s also Corso’s headgear pick, as it’s the final game the GameDay crew will pick later in the show.

“Georgia wins,” Corso said when Herbstreit pressed him. “The more they win, he (the UGA mascot) gets prettier and prettier.” ”

Herbstreit probably didn’t expect Corso to reveal his choice before the show began.

On the other hand, this video was only shared on Herbstreit’s Twitter account, so it’s unlikely that the vast majority of college football fans have seen it.

Corso has a tumultuous relationship with Georgia and its mascot, Uga. In recent years, the GameDay host has referred to Uga as “ugly,” but he’s backing the Bulldogs to beat the Razorbacks later today. Nokia News



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