Look at this Wisconsin-Michigan fan who went viral for what she did during the game.


On Saturday afternoon, Wisconsin fans were dissatisfied with the Badgers’ performance against Michigan.

Against the Wolverines, Wisconsin’s offense reached a whole new level of prehistoric. Graham Mertz, the quarterback, was ineffective. The Badgers’ rushing attack never got off the ground. Did we mention that their offense is from the Stone Age? On Saturday afternoon, one Wisconsin fan in particular had had enough of the Badgers’ offensive performance. Moments after the camera panned to her, she flipped the bird. Take a look at


We don’t blame her.

Wisconsin’s offense has reached a new low in terms of performance.

The Badgers’ offense is clearly dependent on their offensive line, which isn’t performing well this season. The other issue is that Graham Mertz appears to be deteriorating.

Paul Chryst has yet to consider changing quarterbacks for some reason. Following Wisconsin’s blowout loss to Notre Dame last weekend, Chryst said, “To put it all on Graham, that would be wrong.” “I believe there are many areas in which we can improve. ”

Mertz needs to improve his game. The offensive line for Wisconsin needs to improve. It would also help if one or two receivers stepped up. This season, Wisconsin has the talent to compete with the best in the Big Ten. But that may be impossible to comprehend until the Badgers offense enters the twenty-first century.

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