Stanford’s wide receiver suffers a horrific injury.


In a pivotal Pac-12 showdown on Saturday afternoon, the Stanford Cardinal hosted the undefeated Oregon Ducks.

Oregon was a heavy favorite going into the game. The Cardinal, on the other hand, put together an impressive game plan early on and jumped out to a 10-0 lead over the country’s No. 3 team. Oregon, on the other hand, found some momentum early in the second quarter with a touchdown of its own. Unfortunately for the Cardinals, that is currently the least of their concerns. Brycen Tremayne, a wide receiver, suffered a serious lower leg injury in the second quarter of Saturday’s game. The talented wide receiver’s ankle was clearly dislocated, as his foot was facing in an unnatural direction. Here’s a picture of the injury.


For the young wide receiver and the Stanford football program, it’s devastating. On Saturday afternoon, Tremayne was the team’s leading receiver before suffering the horrific injury. Before being carted off the field, he had three receptions for 48 yards and a touchdown against Oregon. Tremayne was second on the team in receiving yards and first in receptions heading into today’s game. He also led Stanford with four receiving touchdowns on the season (

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