T-Shirts worn by Alabama fans are going viral today.


One of the biggest games of the day was set to take place from Tuscaloosa, Alabama on Saturday afternoon.

Bryant-Denny Stadium was packed with fans to watch No. 1 Alabama take on No. 12 Ole Miss. Nick Saban’s team went into the game as a heavy favorite over Lane Kiffin’s Rebels.

A pair of fans went viral before the game because of their unusual clothing choices. A male and female fan wore t-shirts that told a story, presumably married, but we’ll leave that up to you to decide.

One of the shirts said, “Drink ’til you want me.” The other said, “I can’t drink that much.”

The couple stood directly in front of the press box, which was gold for any reporter who could get their phones out fast enough to snap a photo.

Take a look.

College football offers a wide range of entertaining content over the course of a weekend. This Tuscaloosa couple is the most recent example of that.

Let’s hope this couple has a long and happy relationship. In the meantime, Alabama leads 7-0 late in the first quarter in the actual game. Nokia News



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