Today, everybody is saying the same thing about Jim Harbaugh.


Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan Wolverines are undefeated this season.

Michigan has started the regular season with a 5-0 record. The No. 14 Wolverines thrashed Wisconsin 38-17 on Saturday. So far this season, Harbaugh’s team has looked like arguably the best in the conference.

Of course, one game stands out in particular: Ohio State.

The Wolverines are having a great season, but if they can’t beat the Buckeyes, Harbaugh’s season will be over. Since taking over as Michigan’s head coach, he has yet to defeat Ohio State.

That has to change for the 2021 season to be a true success. The Buckeyes appear to be more vulnerable than they have been in years. When will Harbaugh be able to defeat his No. 1 rival this season?

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