A 126,000-gallon oil leak on the California coast has killed wildlife.


A 126,000-gallon oil leak on the California coast has killed wildlife.

A huge oil disaster off the coast of Southern California has spilled around 126,000 gallons of post-production petroleum.

The spill, which stretches 5.8 nautical miles from the Huntington Beach Pier to Newport Beach, has forced the closing of the ocean from the Pier to the Santa Ana River jetty, according to the city of Huntington Beach.

The spill has had a tremendous impact on Huntington Beach, with considerable biological impacts on the beach and the Huntington Beach Wetlands, according to the city. “As a result, Huntington Beach Fire and Marine Safety officers have been deployed to undertake environmental containment efforts throughout the day.”

An oil sheen off the coast was first reported at 9:10 a.m. on Saturday, according to the US Coast Guard.

The leak had not been halted as of early Sunday morning, according to municipal officials, although preliminary patching to repair the oil spill site had been accomplished, and the US Coast Guard will continue to respond to the problem.

The city also advised residents to stay away from the beach due to the “toxicity generated by the leak,” and the Pacific Airshow, which was set for Sunday, was canceled to help with clean-up efforts.

Oil had washed up on the Huntington Beach oceanfront, according to Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley, and dead birds and fish had been seen washing up on the shore.

In HB, there are significant ecological consequences.

o Oil has now washed up on the beach in HB.

We’ve begun to notice dead birds and fish washed up on the beach.

o @Calwild has a hotline for wildlife that has been harmed by the oil spill. Call (877) 823-6926 to reach the Oiled Wildlife Care Network. pic.twitter.com/rtgExxTXZj – In charge of 3 October 2021, Katrina Foley (@SupervisorFoley)

According to CNN, Huntington Beach Mayor Kim Carr stated Coast Guard evidence suggests the spill was caused by an oil release from an offshore oil facility off the coast.

The reason of the spill has yet to be identified, and the Coast Guard is investigating.

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