Before Tom Brady’s return, his former teammates send him a video.


Several of Tom Brady’s former teammates had a special video to share with Brady ahead of the Buccaneers-Patriots game on Sunday night.

We’re all aware of the backstories surrounding the game tomorrow night. It’ll be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’ll also be interesting to see how Brady’s performance is received by Patriots fans.

Fans could learn a thing or two from Brady’s former teammates. A message was sent to No. 12 by players like Danny Amendola, Asante Samuel, Brandin Cooks, Chris Hogan, and others ahead of his return to Gillette Stadium.

Take a look at the video below.

. On Sunday night, hopefully, Patriots fans will treat Tom Brady the same way.

Brady will undoubtedly be emotional upon his return. Brady told Jim Gray on SiriusXM’s “Let’s Go!” podcast, via ESPN, “I know that locker room, I know that home locker room, I know that home tunnel, I know which way the wind blows, I know everything about that [place].” $00 “I’m familiar with the odor..” I know what a night game is like, and I know how loud the fans will be. In some ways, that will be quite unique. I’ve never had that experience before, so it’ll be a first for me to be on the opposite sideline. ”

But make no mistake.. On Sunday night, Tom Brady will be focused on winning a football game. In his eyes, nothing else matters.

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