College GameDay’s Week 6 location astounded viewers.


The cast of College GameDay was in Athens on Saturday for a top-10 matchup between Georgia and Arkansas. The show has already decided where it will go in Week 6. For the annual Red River Showdown between Texas and Oklahoma,

College GameDay will set up shop in Dallas . The two historic rivals have had some memorable match-ups in the past and will look to do so once more in 2021.

Despite the fact that the Red River Showdown will be full of pageantry and an electrifying atmosphere, a few fans felt that College GameDay squandered a golden opportunity to attend Iowa’s game against Penn State at Kinnick Stadium, which is expected to be a top-five matchup.

When it comes to deciding where College GameDay should air, a small number of fans are frequently disappointed. College football fans took to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with ESPN’s Week 6 decision.

[wpcc-script async src=” ” Despite the fact that Oklahoma is still undefeated and Texas is likely to be ranked in the top 25, the game between Penn State and Iowa next weekend could have major playoff implications.

However, College GameDay was already present at an Iowa game earlier this year, when the Hawkeyes faced Iowa State. The show probably didn’t want to repeat teams this early in the year, but Iowa City could always be used for a later contest.

FOX’s Big Noon Kickoff will be on hand for the Saturday afternoon game, so Iowa-Penn State didn’t go home empty-handed. Nokia News



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