Cowboys Coaches Get a Direct Message From Michael Irvin.


On Sunday, former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin was not pleased with his team’s coaching staff. The Cowboys are up 36-21 against the Panthers late in the fourth quarter on Sunday. Trevon Diggs, the game’s leading interceptor with two, is currently on the bench. Though he’s missed a couple of plays in a row, it’s unclear if Diggs is injured.

Irvin is dissatisfied. What did they say about Diggs?

This isn’t the NBA’s . If he is not injured, get him back on the field. OH MY GOD!!! “This game isn’t over!!!!” he wrote on Twitter.

His status has yet to be announced by the Cowboys. Earlier in the fourth quarter, Diggs appeared to be being examined by trainers. The Cowboys vs..

The Cowboys vs. FOX is broadcasting the Panthers game.

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