Look at Lane Kiffin’s First Tweet Since Losing To Alabama.


Despite the fact that there was a lot of hype about how high-scoring yesterday’s Alabama–Ole Miss game would be, Alabama scored nearly all of the points in their 42-21 victory. Until today, Lane Kiffin, the head coach of the Rebels, had remained largely silent on the game.

Kiffin finally addressed yesterday’s heartbreaking loss on Twitter this morning. He stated that the team is focused on their upcoming Week 6 game against Arkansas and that he believes in his team no matter what. “Our past may shape us, but it doesn’t define who we become,” Kiffin added in the quote. @OleMissFB 3-1 #beatarkansas ”

“@OleMissFB 3-1 #beatarkansas The sun shone brightly! I can’t wait to play in front of a full house!!! #cometothesip We coach to win games and have faith in our players, which will not change regardless of who we play!!! ” wrote Kiffin.

With the highest scoring offense in the FBS, Ole Miss started the season 3-0. However, they were shut out until the second half against Alabama and held to their fewest points since a game against Arkansas last year.

Ole Miss’ SEC Championship hopes are all but over after a loss to Alabama. However, given how dominant the Crimson Tide have been this season, losing to them is nothing to be ashamed of. Kiffin was humbled in yesterday’s game (

). However, he still has the ability to lead Ole Miss to their best season in over a decade. Will Ole Miss bounce back against Arkansas next weekend?

The game will begin at 12 p.m. and will cost

. ESPN will broadcast the game at 8:00 p.m. EST. Nokia News



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