Look at this: Joe Namath’s Jets Tweet Is Going Viral.


The New York Jets are finally on the board at


In the first half of Sunday’s game, New York is down 9-7 to Tennessee. On a rushing attempt by Michael Carter, the Jets scored their first touchdown of the game. The Jets have had a rough start to the season.

While this wasn’t the AFC East’s first touchdown of the season, it felt like it to legendary quarterback Joe Namath. “Is this our first touchdown of the year?!?”

Namath tweeted, “It sure feels like it.”

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“Haha, Joe, I adore you. And it is a true love. “Let’s go Jets!” exclaimed another supporter. Another fan wrote,

, “Even Broadway Joe bringing the snark.”

The Jets are having a difficult time right now.

On Sunday afternoon, New York is down 9-7 to Tennessee. Local CBS stations are broadcasting the game. Nokia News



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