Look at what Urban Meyer’s wife had to say about his ‘night out’ on Twitter.


Shelley Meyer, Urban Meyer’s wife, was reportedly aware of his night out in Columbus – at least part of it. Supposed photos and videos of Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone having a good time at a bar went viral on social media on Saturday. It didn’t take long for the first-year NFL head coach to become a Twitter trending topic, with reactions from all over the sports world pouring in. Meyer’s night out seemed to take place on Friday evening. Shelley Meyer, the NFL head coach’s wife, tweeted about it over the weekend. She claimed that she was caring for their grandchildren while “Buddy” – a.k.a. a city slicker – had a fun night out.

Shelley Meyer quoted the above photo as follows: “Meanwhile, I am babysitting..” ”

Urban Meyer is four games into his NFL career. #MyChoice #MimiRules #BuddyDeservedANightOut” He’s lost four games in a row, including a heartbreaking loss in Cincinnati on Thursday night.

Meyer told reporters after the game, “It’s devastating, heartbreaking.” “Normally, I’m not wrong about things like that; I just see a good team in there.” I see good people with good hearts. I’ve told guys at work that I’m not wrong about that stuff. This team is going to have a lot of success. Meyer and the Jaguars will return to the field on Sunday, Oct.

The Titans are favored by ten points.

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