Look: Oregon’s Surprising Loss Has Produced Controversial Video.


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Oregon vs. David Shaw On Saturday afternoon, the Stanford battle of the trenches came to a dramatic conclusion. The third-ranked Ducks came back from a 17-7 halftime deficit to take a 24-17 lead late in the fourth quarter. With just over two minutes left on the clock, Oregon found itself in Stanford territory, but was unable to run out the clock. That’s when the Ducks’ season came to an end.

Stanford never gave up and got into Oregon territory thanks to a couple of big throws from quarterback Tanner McKee. A few moments later, the Cardinal received a favor from one of the referees. The Stanford offensive line jumped before the snap with only a half-minute remaining. When a ref noticed the jump, he took out his flag but never threw it.


We don’t believe we’ve ever seen a ref not throw a flag on an obvious penalty (kidding).

To make matters worse, on fourth-and-goal, Oregon was called for defensive pass interference, giving Stanford another chance to tie the game. A play later, on another infamous end-zone fade, the Cardinals did exactly that.

The Pac-12 refs have made life difficult for the conference’s top teams once again. This isn’t a new concept. Over the years, Pac-12 officials have cost many potential playoff teams bids. This is no exception. Oregon isn’t out of the race, but it has no margin for error the rest of the way. Nokia News



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