Mel Kiper claims that one college quarterback is on the decline.


Mel Kiper Jr., a long-time ESPN NFL Draft analyst, updated his big board for the 2022 NFL Draft, which is still months away.

On his draft board, one star college football quarterback is “tumbling.” On his latest big board list, released earlier this week, Kiper Jr. revealed that Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Spencer Rattler has fallen hard. Rattler did not make the top ten, but he did make the top twenty-five.

“Now is the time to put him under the microscope,” Kiper explained. “If you think back to the first few games, he’s got to improve.” “He still has a top 25 grade, it’s just not elite..”

Malik Willis of Liberty is Kiper’s No. 1 college football quarterback. The entire draft board is behind a paywall, but Kiper tweeted out his top five earlier this week.

Rattler still has some time to turn things around, but it’s been a rough start for the Sooners quarterback. Nokia News




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