One Sam Darnold statistic has stunned the NFL world.


It’s not surprising that Sam Darnold has been a standout performer for the Carolina Panthers this season. It’s one of the unexpected ways he’s performing well. Darnold now has five rushing touchdowns on the season after two in the first half against the Dallas Cowboys. In the NFL, this puts him in first place. Darnold has always possessed some athleticism and mobility. Last season, he even had a viral touchdown run against the Denver Broncos. In three and a half games, though, five rushing touchdowns? Let’s just say no one saw this coming.


[wpcc-script async src=” ” He did, however, spend three years with the New York Jets in a bad situation.

Thanks to a new group of weapons and a creative offensive coordinator in Joe Brady, he’s thriving in Carolina so far. Good luck to the former USC standout. Late in the second quarter, the Panthers have a 14-13 lead over the Cowboys. Nokia News




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