One sport, according to Michael Jordan, is the “hardest” to play.


Legendary NBA player Michael Jordan believes one sport is the most difficult to master – and it isn’t basketball. Jordan, arguably the greatest NBA player of all time, tried his hand at baseball professionally as well. After retiring from the Chicago Bulls, he joined a minor league team. He didn’t make it to the big leagues, despite putting in a good effort. However, Jordan is referring to a sport other than baseball. That would be golf, at

. According to Stephen Curry, the former NBA star believes golf is the most difficult sport to play.

“I got into golf primarily because it is the most difficult game to play from a competitive standpoint for me.” I can always respond to an opponent, whether he’s defensive or offensive, but golf is like playing in front of a mirror. You’re constantly battling yourself to achieve perfection. Each and every swing… Jordan said, “Every putt.”

“For a competitive person like me, this is what keeps me sane because it was enough to keep my competitive juices flowing when I walked away from the game of basketball.” Now, when I don’t have that game, I have this game, which drives me insane. I go fishing in between rounds of golf because I need to demonstrate patience in fishing, which is related to golf. ”

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