The best owner in the National Football League, according to a study.


In the National Football League, ownership is critical to success. Many teams with highly criticized ownership groups have struggled to maintain their success over time, whereas those with consistent, respectable ownership groups have been battling for years. But which ownership group is the best?

It’s Pittsburgh’s..

According to a recent study, it’s Pittsburgh’s.. Every ownership group in the National Football League was ranked by BonusFinder in a study. The goal of the study was to determine which ownership groups are the best – and which are the worst. The Rooney family, who owns the Pittsburgh Steelers, is ranked first (

To find out, the team at BonusFinder looked at a number of key owner indicators such as stadium facilities, team investment, average active cash, super bowl wins, stadium relocations and more.

The teams scoring the highest in each category were deemed to have the best owners.

). They came out on top in almost every ownership category. The Steelers have been owned by the family since 1993 and are currently valued at over $3 billion. On Sunday afternoon, Pittsburgh will face Green Bay in a


You can see the entire NFL owner rankings here. Nokia News



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