The Iron Bridge in Rome is partially destroyed by fire.


The Iron Bridge in Rome is partially destroyed by fire.

The Iron Bridge in Rome was extensively damaged by a fire on Sunday night, and the neighboring communities were without power.

Just before midnight, a fire broke out, causing pieces of the bridge’s framework to collapse. There were no injuries recorded.

Built in 1863, the metal bridge, commonly known as the Industry Bridge, connects the Trastevere and Ostiense areas.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated.

Officials claimed the fire was triggered by an electrical outage beneath the bridge, where people are living in improvised shacks, and seemed to be fueled by gas pipelines.

The chief of Rome’s fire department, Francesco Notaro, said it was too early to determine whether the bridge will be visible, saying that while the structure itself seemed to be intact, firemen have already observed “potential deformations.”

The flames caused blackouts in some Rome neighborhoods, while inhabitants in Ostiense, Trastevere, and Monteverde also reported power outages.

On the eve of a vote to elect a new mayor, the fire broke out.

Outgoing Mayor Virginia Raggi stated, “It’s painful to see a piece of history degraded to this.” “The most important thing is that no one has been hurt.”

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