The NFL Community Reacts To Josh Gordon’s Latest News.


The Kansas City Chiefs’ offense might have gotten a new weapon. Kansas City signed former star wide receiver Josh Gordon this week for

. Gordon isn’t expected to play on Sunday, but he should make his Chiefs debut soon. On Sunday morning, Gordon, a first-team All-Pro in 2013, took to Twitter.

Gordon is said to be in excellent health.

From the report:

When asked how Gordon looks, coach Andy Reid joked, “He looks in pretty good shape. He’s got less body fat than I do.”

A low-risk signing, Gordon could pay off quickly. He was described looking like a No. 1 receiver, 230 pounds and fast. One source said you would never know he’s 30. He has really flashed in practice.

The Chiefs are 1-2, but they’re still one of the NFL’s most talented teams. If Gordon is truly in great playing shape, it will be difficult to stop their offense.

That’s absurd … Dude is naturally gifted in terms of athleticism. Let’s not forget that he participated in a “fan-controlled football” league in March to… “He’s probably more prepared than ever,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Of course, Gordon has never had a problem staying in shape.

“I don’t think his fitness has ever been an issue,” said another fan.

Regardless, it will be interesting to see how Gordon performs in Kansas City. The Chiefs are in desperate need of a boost right now.

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