The NFL Community Reacts To Tom Brady’s Arrival Video.


Tom Brady, the former quarterback of the New England Patriots, has returned to town. On NBC’s Sunday Night Football , the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will face the New England Patriots. On Sunday night, Brady and his companions arrived in town. Brady’s hotel arrival video has gone viral on social media.


If fans were curious about Brady’s reception in New England, would they cheer him on? Is it possible to make fun of him? Is it possible to combine the two? – They received their response on Saturday night. On his way off the team bus and into the hotel on Saturday evening, Brady was greeted with a rousing round of applause and chants.

New England is in for an emotional night. “You’d think everyone would be booing him because they hate him for leaving them..”

But they now see how wise it was for him to leave,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“With 9 Super Bowl appearances and 6 Super Bowl wins, he provided Patriot fans with a lifetime of memories.” “Congratulations on the warm welcome back,” another fan said on Twitter. Another fan tweeted,

“Exactly the response he should get.”

While the reaction inside Gillette Stadium on Sunday night may differ, most expect Brady to receive a standing ovation. The game will begin at 8:20 p.m. with a

kickoff. On NBC, there’s an episode of E.T. Nokia News




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