The NFL World Reacts To The Patriots’ Tom Brady Plan.


Tom Brady is set to return to New England on Sunday night, and he’ll almost certainly set a new NFL record in the process.

The quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers only needs 68 passing yards to break Drew Brees’ all-time yardage record. Brady is likely to do that in the first quarter.

What will happen if he manages to break it? The Patriots plan to pause the game to honor the all-time record, according to ESPN.

They will not, however, completely stop it for a celebration.

He’s as competitive as they come, and pausing the game for several minutes to celebrate an all-time high could hurt his performance.

“Why would they celebrate the accomplishments of a visiting player?” one fan wondered. However, not everyone supports the move.

“They should put an end to the game..”

Brady isn’t your typical on-the-road foe. “The only Patriots fans who don’t seem to get it are under 25 and used to have a Jarrett Stidham profile pic,” another fan said. “Brady should set the record..”

Obtain recognition. Throw a -2 yard screen pass after that. Set the record straight. Recognized once more. One fan joked, “Rinse and repeat until they give him a ceremony.”

It’ll be interesting to see how Brady is received when he sets the record, particularly from the Patriots’ bench. The game will begin at 8:20 p.m. with a

kickoff. On NBC, there’s an episode of E.T. Nokia News



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