This Embarrassing Lions Turnover Is Going Viral On The Internet.


The Detroit Lions are off to a slow start against the Chicago Bears, falling behind 14-0 in the second quarter. However, a humiliating blunder like this one is a major factor. The Lions had the ball at the Chicago eight-yard line on their first drive of the game, after giving up a touchdown on the Bears’ first drive. In a shotgun formation, Lions center Frank Ragnow attempted to snap the ball to quarterback Jared Goff.

But Goff shifted his weight at the wrong time, and Ragnow’s snap was off. The ball bounced off Goff’s shoulder, off his right guard’s helmet, and into the hands of Bears defensive back Bilal Nichols. The Bears took control with that turnover, and rookie quarterback Justin Fields made them pay for it quickly. The Bears ran the ball in for a touchdown after a six-play drive, doubling their lead.

“If one play could describe the Detroit Lions, it would be this,” one fan responded. Another fan compared it to the infamous Mark Sanchez fumble in 2012.

“This is on the level of the butt fumble,” another fan wrote.

“Naw, to Lions fans, this is just a “Lions turnover.” “There’s nothing strange about things like this happening to the Lions,” a fan wrote in an attempt to put this type of play into context. The game is broadcast on FOX.

With less than 10 minutes left in the first half, Chicago is up 14-0. Nokia News



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