Today, an abysmal college football broadcast is being demolished.


At one time, ESPN was the most popular sports broadcaster. Then there was Saturday’s Pac-12 matchup between Oregon and Stanford in Palo Alto, which was broadcast on ABC.

The Oregon-Stanford game on ABC on Saturday was one of the worst we’ve ever seen. The commentators were horrendous. The broadcast quality appeared to be from the early 2000s.

Don’t forget about the game’s officials, who kept Stanford in the game and essentially drove the Cardinal down the field in the final minute, allowing Stanford to score a game-tying touchdown on an untimed down (with the successful extra point).

ESPN/ABC has a lot of work to do. On the call, Rod Gilmore and Dave Flemming had one of their worst commentating performances ever.

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On the game’s second-to-last play, Oregon was called for a questionable PI with zero seconds left on the clock, giving Stanford an untimed down to tie the game. ”

To make matters worse, the Pac-12’s chances of making the playoffs are now in jeopardy. Oregon is no longer undefeated.

Stanford triumphed 31-24 in overtime in a game that was practically handed to them. Nokia News



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