What Gisele, Tom Brady’s wife, Supposedly Said About The Patriots.


Tom Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen, undoubtedly influenced his decision to leave the New England Patriots after the 2019 season. After all, you don’t make a decision as important as Brady’s without consulting your family first.

According to Jeff Benedict’s book “The Dynasty,” Brady’s longtime wife wasn’t a fan of how head coach Bill Belichick treated her husband. Following the Eagles’ Super Bowl loss, she reportedly vented her frustrations in a meeting with owner Robert Kraft.

“She also pointed out how ridiculous it was that Belichick still treated Brady like a ‘f—–g Johnny Foxboro’ after all these years. ‘It was bad enough that I never expressed my approval.’ It was nonsense to continue to scold the league’s most accomplished quarterback during team meetings and treat his personal trainer and best friend like an outcast,” Benedict wrote.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, contract talks and underlying tension were the main factors in Brady’s decision to leave.


Talks between Brady and New England simply didn’t work out, as the two sides were not able to reach a resolution. There may not have been an official, written offer, but the team was willing to go where the Bucs did — up to $30 million per year. They made it clear in conversations what they would offer and how far they would go. What they were not willing to do was guarantee two years fully as Tampa did. Brady knew that when he arrived at Kraft’s house to say goodbye, which is why there was no breakdown of negotiations or acrimony. It was simple and black and white: the Patriots would only guarantee one year, while other teams were willing to guarantee two.

Brady will return to New England on Sunday night, according to the report. His family is said to have arrived in town over the weekend. The game will begin at 8:20 p.m. with a

kickoff. On NBC, there’s an episode of E.T.

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