The bust of George Floyd was defaced in New York City just days after it was unveiled.


The bust of George Floyd was defaced in New York City just days after it was unveiled.

According to authorities, a bronze bust of George Floyd that was displayed late last week in New York City’s Union Square was destroyed on Sunday.

The New York Times stated that authorities are looking for a guy with a black backpack who rode a skateboard up to the statue and defaced it with gray paint.

Police have video footage of the event, according to NYPD detective Frances Sammon.

Sammon explained, “They show a male ducking down under one of the statues.” “He then mixes something up and throws a container of paint at the monument as he skates away.”

Cleanup has already begun, according to Confront Art, the company that produced the sculpture.

In a joint statement with the nonprofit We Are Floyd Foundation, George Floyd’s brother Terrence Floyd said the act of vandalism was “extremely upsetting.”

In a statement obtained by The New York Times, Terrence Floyd said, “And it just goes to show you how far we still have to go to attain our goal of oneness.”

On Memorial Day 2020, Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on George Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes, killing him. The death of George Floyd spurred widespread demonstrations against police brutality and for racial equality. Chauvin was sentenced to over 22 years in jail for the murder of George Floyd.

As part of Confront Art’s SEEINJUSTICE series, three statues of George Floyd were unveiled in Union Square on Friday. Breonna Taylor, who was fatally shot in her residence by police in March 2020, and civil rights icon and Georgia Democratic congressman John Lewis, who died in August of last year, are the subjects of the other two busts.

Confront Art said in a statement that the SEEINJUSTICE series was inspired by the events of 2020, which prompted many people to demand justice.

“The series aims to honor the lives and ongoing messages through art, tying together three iconic people,” it said, adding it chose Union Square to display the busts as it has “historically protected the right to free speech and demonstration.”

Chris Carnabuci, the artist behind the series, said the death of George Floyd raised awareness of injustice not just in the United States but worldwide.

“The exhibit symbolizes this global awareness, and understanding leads to action, and action leads to change,” he says… Article Summary from Nokia News


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