According to an analyst, the Von Miller trade is similar to a similar move made by the Rams last year.


According to an analyst, the Von Miller trade is similar to a similar move made by the Rams last year.


The Los Angeles Rams aren’t the first team to try to rekindle the pass rush in the middle of the season.

On Monday, November 1, the Denver Broncos’ eight-time All-Pro and 2016 Super Bowl MVP Von Miller was dealt to the Los Angeles Rams, sending shockwaves around the NFL. Aaron Donald, Leonard Floyd, Sebastian Joseph-Day, and Rams defensive line coach Eric Henderson all had “mood” joyful reactions to the news on Twitter.

However, as Sosa Kremenjas of Pro Football Focus pointed out on Twitter after the Miller deal, the Rams have previously done something similar…

It finally led to the NFC championship.

The Rams were 8-0 and got to the Super Bowl the last time they traded for a pass rusher, which was in 2018.

They’re now 7-1 and have recently acquired an exceptional EDGE. Is it possible that history will repeat itself?

November 1, 2021 — Sosa Kremenjas (@QBsMVP)

The Dante Fowler Trade in Retrospect

Fowler was the first member of a stacked Jacksonville Jaguars defense to be sent away, and he was joined by another future Ram in Jalen Ramsey.

According to Player Football Reference, the then third-year pro had 16 sacks in 47 games and seven starts prior to his debut in Los Angeles. His best season came in 2017, when the Jaguars went 10-6 and upset the Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers before losing in the AFC final game to the New England Patriots. That year, Fowler has eight sacks.

The following year, though, Fowler saw a drop in sack production: only two sacks. The Jaguars then pulled off a stunning move in the final week of October 2018:

According to a source, the Jaguars are trading former first-round pick Dante Fowler to the Los Angeles Rams.

October 30, 2018 — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter)

Fowler recorded his first sack as a Ram in his second game with the team, a 36-31 win over the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday Night Football on November 11.

In the playoffs, Fowler, on the other hand, flipped a switch. During the Rams’ run to the NFC title, he had three quarterback hits and 1.5 sacks in victories against the Dallas Cowboys and the New Orleans Saints. … Nokia News – Quick Recap


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