After the show, CBS paid for his therapy, according to a ‘Big Brother’ alum.


After the show, CBS paid for his therapy, according to a ‘Big Brother’ alum.


Being a “Big Brother” houseguest is undoubtedly draining emotionally.

Contestants are cut off from the rest of the world, including their friends and family, and their every word and motion is recorded and broadcast on national television or online. After his stint on “Big Brother: All Stars” in 2020, one “Big Brother” alum recently disclosed that CBS paid for him to go to therapy.

Kevin Campbell of “Big Brother 22” tweeted, “I’m 99 percent sure it’s because I was such an emotional mess last year on Big Brother, but CBS has supplied me with treatment for the past year.” He also mentioned that his final free session will be on November 1st. “They were like GOODLUCK! the first time I played!” They were particularly on the lookout for me this time,” Campbell stated. Campbell previously competed in 2009’s “Big Brother 11.”

Rachel Swindler, who went on “Big Brother 20” in 2018, does not appear to have received the same treatment. “I’m delighted they did that,” she stated in response to Campbell’s post. “I wish they would have offered it to our cast.” “Gurl, it was probably just me then?” “Damn, we broke him,” Campbell said to Swindler.

“I could have sworn one of the cast on 23 said on feeds they will be provided a year of therapy,” another Twitter user remarked. Swindler responded that she believes this become standard practice in Season 21 of 2019.

During the show, ‘Big Brother’ has a therapist on call.
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A therapist is on call 24/7 for “Big Brother” houseguests, according to an E! News article from 2019. During the casting process, the therapist helps screen potential candidates for psychological concerns and talks with each houseguest after they are ousted.

Players “must be in excellent physical and mental health,” according to CBS’s eligibility standards for “Big Brother” competitors. What criteria does CBS use to evaluate whether a potential houseguest is in “good mental health”? Emotional intelligence testing is one of the methods employed.

Clinical psychologist Steven Stein created a variety of these exams, which he then adapted for various reality television shows. In… Nokia News – Quick Recap.


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