Baker Mayfield’s Wife Gets Involved in Browns Trade Rumors.


Baker Mayfield’s Wife Gets Involved in Browns Trade Rumors.

The Cleveland Browns were at the center of the trade deadline drama on Tuesday, and they didn’t even have to make a move.

Odell Beckham Jr.’s father ratcheted up the tension by tweeting a video of Baker Mayfield missing open OBJ this season. In the comments area, he then went on to insult the Browns QB.

Emily Mayfield, Baker Mayfield’s wife, has never been afraid to express herself on social media, and she got engaged in the turmoil by like some tweets blaming other members of the team for the Browns’ 4-4 start.

Mayfield was compared to Justin Herbert in one tweet, who said the Chargers’ second-year standout couldn’t have done any better given the Browns’ personnel. Another criticized Cleveland’s receivers for dropping passes and praised Mayfield for playing with a significant injury to his non-throwing shoulder.

“Baker may not ‘win you games,’ but you didn’t win any before he came.” “Have you ever considered that?” the article stated. Since then, she has disliked the tweets.

Baker’s wife, Emily Mayfield, is like tweets that blame the team for Baker’s failure.

November 2, 2021 — Emotional Support Monkey (@BrownsAlchemy)

Baker Mayfield remained silent during the incident, with his lone tweet being a Nissan sponsored promotion.

Emily Mayfield has previously defended Baker.

As previously said, Emily Mayfield is not the first to defend her QB husband. She had previously chastised Browns “fans” for criticizing Baker, who had yet to explain the extent of his shoulder issue.

“Wake up, all you ‘fans’ who are blaming Baker alone for yesterday’s loss. It was an incredible game that might have gone either way. He’d left everything on the field.

“You have no idea what you have.” I’ve seen him give it his all and change the culture of CLE, and yet he gets so little recognition for it. Despite the hatred, he never asks for praise and continues to carry the burden day after day. If you’re a loyal fan, show your support for our team. Baker, as well as the rest of the crew. They are unaffected by the hatred.”

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