Bulls legend takes aim at Jordan over the ‘Last Dance’ saga.


Bulls legend takes aim at Jordan over the ‘Last Dance’ saga.

ESPN’s The Last Dance, which chronicles the final year of the Chicago Bulls’ 1990s heyday, was the great unifier for sports enthusiasts during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was exactly what the doctor ordered for those who were incarcerated and wishing for a simpler period.

The 10-part docu-series received a lot of positive feedback, including a Rotten Tomatoes critical score of 97 percent. However, not everyone was as enthusiastic about the program’s substance.

Bulls icon Scottie Pippen, for one, felt the presentation was lacking. And he’s blaming Michael Jordan for the omission.

GQ published an excerpt from Pippen’s upcoming memoir, Unguarded, on Tuesday. In the video, the Hall of Famer takes aim at his legendary former colleague, accusing him of turning the show into a vanity project.

His Personal Narrative

Jordan used the creative control producers gave him to ensure that The Last Dance was more of a hype piece for his own GOAT candidacy than a story about the Bulls and their drive to the 1998 NBA title, according to Pippen:

Beginning as a rookie in the fall of 1987, my years in Chicago were the most rewarding of my career: twelve men coming together as one, realizing our aspirations as kids in playgrounds all across the country when all we needed was a ball, a basket, and our imagination. Being a part of the Bulls in the 1990s meant being a part of something special. For the times we live in and for all time.

Except Michael was hell-bent on proving to the current generation of fans that he was bigger than life back in the day—and still bigger than LeBron James, whom many regard as his equal, if not greater. As a result, Michael told his tale, rather than the story of the “Last Dance,” as our coach, Phil Jackson, had dubbed the 1997–98 season…

ESPN has sent Pippen links to the first few episodes of the series ahead of its April 19, 2020 premiere, he disclosed. They weren’t quite what he had expected, to say the least.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched the documentary with my three teenage boys at home in Southern California,” he wrote.

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