Doc Rivers, the Sixers’ GOAT, praises Star Big Man in a ‘Tom Brady-ish’ manner.


Doc Rivers, the Sixers’ GOAT, praises Star Big Man in a ‘Tom Brady-ish’ manner.

Joel Embiid has put up some strange stats three games into an obviously weird NBA season for the Sixers. Teams have been throwing garbage defenders at Embiid at an alarming rate, but Embiid has adjusted his game by passing more than ever before.

This season, Embiid is averaging a team-best 5.0 assists per game for the Sixers, which is also a career high by a significant margin. In 2018-19, Embiid set a new career best in assists with 3.7 per game. His scoring has dipped from 28.5 to 21.0 points per game this season, but his ball movement has been excellent.

In fact, Embiid was so good distributing the ball in the Sixers’ most recent game, a win over Oklahoma City on Sunday, that coach Doc Rivers compared him to GOAT quarterback Tom Brady.

At first, Rivers seemed tempted to go with a certain Green Bay quarterback, but he seemed to realize that he’s from Chicago, and no self-respecting Bears fan would give credit to any Packer.

Rivers stated, “It’s just amazing to witness.” “They continued coming together as they walked over, and he was really calm, directing, and plucking individuals apart. Aaron—no, Aaron Rodgers, because he’s in Green Bay, he can’t use that one. Any other good quarterback, on the other hand. That’s what he was today, Tom Brady-like.”

Embiid Has Proved to Be the Sixers’ True Point Guard

Embiid has taken on a larger role as a ballhandler and fulcrum of the offense in the absence of Ben Simmons and with second-year player Tyrese Maxey starting at point guard. His assist percentage of 25.9% leads the squad and is the highest of his career. The Sixers have attempted to run their offense through Embiid, relying on his court vision to set up other players.

“I think Joel was as bit as good as any other point guard on the court tonight,” Rivers remarked.

“I thought he got Danny shots, and I thought he got Seth shots. When he accomplishes so, he becomes unguardable because we earn a 3 if you trap him. He scores even if you don’t trap him. That was fantastic. He noticed it, and I’m glad he did.”

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