Fans of the Los Angeles Clippers react to an unconfirmed City jersey leak [LOOK].


Fans of the Los Angeles Clippers react to an unconfirmed City jersey leak [LOOK].

Fashion is today, more than ever, an important component of the NBA lifestyle. Not just in terms of what the players wear after games or when they get off the bus; teams also try to enthrall the crowd with their on-court attire. And the Los Angeles Clippers’ most recent try may have paid off.

Joey Linn of the All Clippers tweeted photographs of the “unconfirmed” Clippers City Edition jerseys for the 2021-22 season on Friday. Shortly later, a Reddit thread appeared, providing additional proof that these are the outfits that the team will wear this season.

If the jerseys depicted are the new City uniforms, the Clippers appear to be drawing inspiration from their time in San Diego and their early days in Los Angeles.

In any event, supporters were quick to share their reactions to the new apparel on social media. Despite the fact that not everyone was sold on the new style, a sizable percentage of Clippers Nation appears to be willing to part with big sums of money for the next jerseys.

Fans of the Clippers Pass Judgment on the Jerseys

Unconfirmed LA Clippers City Edition jerseys for the 2021-22 season

October 29, 2021 — Joey Linn (@joeylinn_)

The majority of Clippers supporters who have commented on the leak seem to like it. However, some people are more enthusiastic about the new blues than others.

“I think the baby blue sets them apart enough,” one enthusiast said. “Anyway, there are a good 5 or 6 red, white, and blue teams.”

Another person said that the jerseys were a rip-off of the “Oklahoma City theme.”

A third tweeter admitted, “Woulda rather have red.” “However, these are still spotless, and I’ll have to dig into my wallet to get them…”

A Redditor said, “An ode to SD!” “As a San Diegan, I believe I need to get my hands on one.”

Another comment said, “I might screw about and grab the jersey, shorts, and sweater.” “I can’t tell you how happy I am to get the cursive back. And I’ve always liked our baby blue jerseys to our navy blue ones.”

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