Hall of Famer Rips Ben Simmons and Adds Details on Failed Sixers Trade.


Hall of Famer Rips Ben Simmons and Adds Details on Failed Sixers Trade.

During his Hall-of-Fame writing career, Peter Vecsey was never one to hold back his thoughts. The famed New York Post columnist was known for his acerbic humor and vicious takes. Vecsey had a few harsh words for Ben Simmons.

In a recent interview with Mike Smallz, the 78-year-old retired journalist discussed the intrigue surrounding the Philadelphia 76ers. No one was off bounds, and no subject was off limits. Insider information on the team’s failed trade for James Harden was given by Vecsey. Sixers president Daryl Morey has given his approval to the acquisition pending the completion of due diligence by another high-ranking executive.

Morey let Harden run the Rockets with wild abandon during their time together in Houston, according to Vecsey. Harden made decisions about flight arrangements, practice schedules, and personnel matters. The 11-time All-Star also knew well-known crooks, including one who served 30-35 years in prison. Outside a strip club, he and his thugs planned an attack on Moses Malone Jr. That was the final straw for me.

Moses Malone’s son believes James Harden’s crew was responsible for the incident outside of a club. https://t.co/cOKV3bIypt pic.twitter.com/JZioJOOUpt

June 29, 2016 — Dime (@DimeUPROXX)

“These individuals were accused of doing it on his so-so,” Vecsey added. “Because Moses had mentioned something on Facebook about Harden charging too much for his [basketball]camps.” Harden was scrutinized by [former Sixers CEO]Scott O’Neil. He sabotaged the transaction. And that was the end of it.”

According to Vecsey, Morey turned a blind eye to Harden’s illicit operations and advocated a Harden for Simmons swap. O’Neil was the one who acquired the scoop on the 2018 MVP by calling league sources. Simmons chose to remain in Philadelphia. Harden has relocated to Brooklyn.

Vecsey was irritated by Morey’s devotion to Harden. He likened the current impasse with Simmons to the Middle East conflict. He isn’t a fan of either side.

“It’s similar to Iran and Iraq.” “I was cheering for them both to lose,” Vecsey explained. “I’m not a fan of Morey in the least.” I simply do not believe what he has done. I believe he is attempting to purchase celebrities.”

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