Henry Ruggs of the Raiders was involved in a fatal car accident, according to police.


Henry Ruggs of the Raiders was involved in a fatal car accident, according to police.


When a video of a destroyed green Corvette that appeared identical to his emerged online early Tuesday morning, speculations began to circulate that Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs, 22, was involved in a car crash in Las Vegas.

Those claims are real, as TMZ Sports initially reported and the police later verified. Ruggs was involved in a car accident in the Las Vegas Valley region on November 2 at 3:39 a.m. local time, according to police. Ruggs will be charged with DUI resulting in death after police determined that “at least one person involved in the crash had died.”

Hector Mejia of 8 News Now published video of the aftermath of the incident, which shows two destroyed cars: a Toyota RAV4 and Ruggs’ Chevrolet Corvette. An earlier tweet depicts the “fiery crash,” as he described it.

While fatal investigators get a closer look with daylight, Rainbow remains closed in both ways. @8NewsNow https://t.co/cS6w8Rrvb5 pic.twitter.com/SsO85v66VM @8NewsNow https://t.co/cS6w8Rrvb5 pic.twitter.com/SsO85v66VM @8NewsNow https://t.co/cS6w8Rrvb5 pic.twitter.com/SsO85v66VM

November 2, 2021 — Hector Mejia (@hectormejianews)

Ruggs is “expected to be OK,” according to a person close to him, according to TMZ.

Ruggs had previously uploaded images of the Corvette on his Instagram page, the license plate of which, according to a photo from the Las Vegas Sun, matches the vehicle at the crash scene.

Henry Ruggs of the Raiders is facing a DUI charge after a fatal car accident. https://t.co/TYezTmdWo8 pic.twitter.com/tCoXzfTVpW

November 2, 2021 — Las Vegas Sun (@LasVegasSun)

At 12:26 p.m. local time on Tuesday, the Raiders issued a public statement via the team’s official Twitter account:

“The Raiders are aware of an accident that occurred this morning in Las Vegas involving Henry Ruggs III. The loss of life has left us devastated, and our hearts and prayers go out to the victim’s family. We’re gathering information and won’t be able to say anything more at this time.”

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Ruggs has been charged with DUI resulting in death, according to police.

The LVMPD acknowledged in a flurry of tweets about 11 a.m. local time… Nokia News – Quick Summary


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