Is Whitney Way Thore still in love with the ‘Frenchman’? ..


Is Whitney Way Thore still in love with the ‘Frenchman’? ..

Whitney Way Thore, star of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life,” answered to fan inquiries about dating the enigmatic “Frenchman,” whose name and identity have remained unknown to the public.

On TLC’s Facebook teaser for the October 26, 2021, episode of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life,” Whitney’s pal Tal Fish tells Heather Sykes, “I feel like something always goes wrong with Whitney in the love department.”

His forecast appeared to be correct. Thore’s tears were running down her face the next time cameras caught a glimpse of her. She says, “It feels like a bad joke.” “I’m in love with him.” “I’m in love with him.”

So, is Thore and the ‘Frenchman’ still together? Although her friends and family, particularly her brother Hunter and best friend Todd Beasley, were wary of the long-distance relationship, Thore claims they are still together.

During an Instagram Q&A session, she answered a number of fan questions. She was talking about her life before reality TV, but she didn’t swipe past a question about her French beau when it came up.

A admirer inquired, “Are you still with the Frenchman?” “YES,” she said emphatically. The TLC singer didn’t go into any more detail.

COVID Restrictions prevented Thore from meeting her boyfriend.
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Thore claimed in a preview posted by People that the reason for her “happy being snatched away” was because he wasn’t allowed in the nation owing to COVID-19 regulations.

Thore, 37, was on vacation in Maine with her friends and family, and the trip would be the sole opportunity for her to meet her online French tutor turned suitor. He agreed to come after she invited him. Things went south when the Frenchman indicated it wasn’t going to work out as a “joke” and then continued to go south when he wasn’t actually allowed into the United States.

Through sobs, Thore adds, “I just feel like my shot at happiness was just torn away from me.” “I wish it had been anything I did, but it’s neither my nor his fault.” It’s only a matter of circumstance.”

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