James Harden is emulating LeBron James’ Instagram strategy.


James Harden is emulating LeBron James’ Instagram strategy.

James Harden of the Houston Rockets appears to have taken a page from LeBron James’ playoff approach by deactivating his Instagram account. Harden’s choice appears to be a bit more extreme than James’, who has a long history of avoiding social media during the NBA playoffs.

Harden’s Instagram disappearance began earlier this year, not only because he arrived in Orlando’s NBA bubble. Harden appeared to deactivate his account in January, according to Reddit sleuths. Harden is one of the most well-known NBA players, and he most likely wanted to avoid the Instagram spotlight. The Rockets guard’s Twitter account is still active, but he hasn’t tweeted since May.

James Harden took down his Instagram photo.


February 1, 2020 — NBA Retweet (@RTNBA)

Harden is doing great on the court without Instagram, as the All-Star has exhibited no signs of rust since his return to Orlando. In the Rockets’ first encounter against the Mavericks, Harden nearly scored 50 points and a triple-double. He had 49 points, nine rebounds, eight assists, three steals, and three blocks on a scorching 14-of-20 shooting performance.

During the 2020 NBA Playoffs, LeBron James does not intend to go into ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ mode.

In terms of James, it appears that he will take a break from his usual “zero dark thirty” mentality that he enters during the NBA playoffs. Because he is away from his family in the Orlando bubble, James believes that social media will be more important in the upcoming postseason.

Melissa Rohlin of Sports Illustrated tweeted, “LeBron indicated he won’t turn off his phone throughout the playoffs this time.” “He stated that he must communicate with his family and mother on a daily basis….” LeBron dubbed his wife “a beast” for keeping things under control at home and thanked Steve Jobs for FaceTime, which allowed him to keep in touch with his family.”

Harden recently made a social media remark.

Harden has made it plain that he is not a big user of social media. Harden explained how the internet may sometimes disseminate false information in a recent GQ interview.

“And then there’s social media, which is worse than television,” Harden added. “People will claim, ‘I saw that on social media.’ That has to be it… Nokia News – Quick Recap


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