James Harden Makes a New Move to Drive His Traveling Opponents Crazy.


James Harden Makes a New Move to Drive His Traveling Opponents Crazy.

When Rockets James Harden gets the ball in his hands, it appears that around half of the NBA’s fans and observers applaud his deft ballhandling, footwork, and scoring ability, while the other half bemoans the fact that he commits a never-ending line of traveling infractions.

Harden is back on the court, in Orlando for the NBA’s relaunched 2019-20 season after a four-month hiatus while COVID-19 swept the country, and he’s got a new gimmick that’ll drive the everything-is-a-travel crowd up a wall.

The move is deceiving since it appears to be a journey. Harden does it by placing his foot down, head-faking towards the rim, and then taking two legal steps before putting up his jumper.

Coach Nick Hauselman of BBallBreakdown.com examined Harden’s devious head-fake and determined that it was legal. The illusion is created by Harden’s initial step, which is a short one followed by the head fake, and his second step, which is a longer one.

“What throws the defense off is a shorter first step followed by a longer second stride to explode into the jump,” Hauselman explains on YouTube. “The shot-fake in the middle of it all is the pièce de résistance.” Nothing in the rules prohibits any type of fake, whether it’s a pass or a shot. And this is perfectly acceptable manipulation. Indeed, it’s fantastic.”

James Harden’s Game Requires Eurostep

According to NBA analytics, Harden is one of the most successful rim attackers in the league, averaging 17.9 drives per game, which ranks sixth in the league. On drives, he shoots 53.5 percent and goes to the free-throw line 4.4 times a game. Harden leads the league in drives with 12.5 points per game, a crucial aspect for a player who also leads the league in scoring with 34.4 points per game.

It’s only natural that Harden must devise new and deceptive strategies to deal with teams attempting to obstruct his path to the basket.

He’s become one of the league’s most vocal supporters of the Eurostep, a move made famous by former Spurs player Manu Ginobili. Harden plants his foot and gathers the ball with that motion, which does not qualify as a step but looks like one. Nokia News – Quick Recap


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