James Harden Shares His Thoughts on Chris Paul, a former Rockets teammate.


James Harden Shares His Thoughts on Chris Paul, a former Rockets teammate.

The friendship between James Harden and Chris Paul throughout their time as Houston Rockets teammates has been well documented. Since Paul was traded, Harden has taken the high road, but there was apparently animosity between the two when the guard was in Houston. Harden denied that anything was “personal” with Paul as the Rockets prepare to face the Thunder in the playoffs.

“I never take things personally,” Harden said, according to USA Today. “I’m attempting to win games as well as a playoff series.” One possession, one game at a time is how I approach it. My duty on this squad is to not only go out and perform at a high level, but also to lead by example and ensure that the guys around me have the same mindset. I can give us a chance to win if I can do that, especially with Russell [Westbrook] out.”

When questioned about how the Thunder planned to defend Harden, Paul remained tight-lipped.

“I’m not sure. “Over here, we have different ideas,” Paul told the Daily Thunder. “On a nightly basis, he has a [special]style of scoring.”

‘He Wants This Bad,’ Tucker says of Paul.

Paul will undoubtedly be particularly motivated to defeat his former squad in the playoff series. P.J. Tucker, a big man for the Rockets, feels Paul “wants this bad” as the Rockets and Thunder meet in the first round.

“I believe it will be enjoyable. Tucker told Sports Talk 790’s Adam Wexler, “Knowing him, he wants this bad.” “I know he’s desperate for this. It’ll be a fascinating series, and it’ll be entertaining. I’m definitely looking forward to it.”

The acquisition of Russell Westbrook has been the most notable difference from Paul’s time with the Rockets. Paul recognizes how important the point guard has been to the Rockets’ success, but his status for the series is unknown.

“We’ll see.” As dynamic as he is, Russ has been incredible,” Paul remarked, according to Daily Thunder. “They’ve put together a good team.”

The Rockets-Thunder Series Is Set to Begin Without Westbrook

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