OnlyFans With ‘Partial’ Nudity to Begin with ‘Teen Mom’ Dad.


OnlyFans With ‘Partial’ Nudity to Begin with ‘Teen Mom’ Dad.

Nathan Griffith, a “Teen Mom 2” alum who has a child with ex-girlfriend Jenelle Evans, has stated that he would open an OnlyFans account. To test if his fans were interested, the North Carolina native published a poll. Despite the fact that “112” people allegedly did not want the father-of-one to go through it, he claimed that his OnlyFans would be up and running by October 23, 2021.

“‘By several requests’ – funny pondering an OnlyFans page… should I?” According to The Hollywood Gossip, Griffith inquired. “This will be about my workout routine, everyday eating habits, and foolish stuff I do, not nudity—maybe partially, maybe not lol.”

According to a screenshot released by The Hollywood Gossip, 50% of followers voted no.

On October 22, 2021, Griffith stated on Instagram stories, “Let’s get things started.” “I’m making an OnlyFans page, and it’ll be online today or tomorrow morning. [The] poll was overwhelmingly negative, with the haters being, well, haters. I had to deactivate 112 bogus accounts.”

Some admirers took to Reddit to express their dissatisfaction with Evans’ ex’s decision to publish the page.

One individual joked, “Lol he’s insane.”

Others have stated that they had seen enough of Griffith’s physique. We’ve all seen him in his bodybuilding bikini, haven’t we? We’ve seen everything there is to see. One person wrote, “If you’ve seen one johnson, you’ve seen them all.”

Some contended that Griffith would be providing for his family. They said, “Hey, if he pays his child support with what he makes, let him live,” before adding, “I imagine he’ll just squander it on self-tanner and other stupid items.”

Griffith isn’t the only ‘Teen Mom’ star who has an OnlyFans page.

Griffith would not be the first to create an OnlyFans account if he goes through with it.

Farrah Abraham, alum of “Teen Mom OG,” was one of the first to sign up for the X-rated subscription page.

Briana DeJesus, star of “Teen Mom 2,” also uses OnlyFans to share images of herself. “What do I do now, y’all, I made an OnlyFans lmao?” According to The Sun, she tweeted in March 2021, “How does this work???” “FYI, I wasn’t denied this time hahaha.”

DeJesus confirmed that she would not be appearing naked on the website.

Jade Cline, star of “Teen Mom 2,” has also created an account on the subscription-based site. She has a monthly fee of $15.

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