Russell Westbrook of the Los Angeles Lakers talks about the ‘fun’ in-game crip-walk dance.


Russell Westbrook of the Los Angeles Lakers talks about the ‘fun’ in-game crip-walk dance.

The score was 90-86, and the Cavaliers were putting up a solid fight against the Lakers this weekend at Staples Center. The game was in the fourth quarter, which in the NBA is a time for seriousness and attention. However, while bringing the ball past the halfcourt line, Lakers point guard Russell Westbrook heard a familiar song—G’d Up by Tha Eastsidaz—and found himself dancing a crip walk.

Marcus Spears, an ESPN journalist, captured the scene.

Did Russell Westbrook just crip stroll on the court with Eastsidaz’s G’d up playing in the background? @SnoopDogg

30 October 2021 — Marc J. Spears (@MarcJSpears)

When it was brought up to Westbrook at practice this week, he was happy to talk about it. He stated that it was not something he did frequently.

“Bro, you know what, I have done it a few times, probably in Oklahoma a few times,” Westbrook said after practice on Monday. “But literally, if you are from L.A., certain music, certain tunes just kind of hit you differently and you kind of, like, I don’t know—all I heard was the music and I was like, ‘Oh, this is my joint right here.’ And then my feet began to move. It’s simply how it works in me, and I just had to dance because it’s something I enjoy doing. The incident occurred in the middle of the game. It was enjoyable for me.”

‘Win, Lose, or Draw,’ Westbrook wants the Lakers to have a good time.

After all, why not? The Lakers built a 12-point lead over Cleveland in the fourth quarter, outscoring the Cavs 25-16 for a good bounce-back win following a humiliating defeat to Oklahoma City the night before—one in which Westbrook was harshly chastised for getting dismissed.

In that game, Westbrook had 19 points, six rebounds, and five assists, and he shot the ball well (8-for-13). More importantly, he demonstrated the type of spirit he intends to instill in this Lakers squad.

He elaborated:

It also relates to something I said after the game: it’s all about my swag and energy, and that’s who I am. I need to be free and do things that allow us to be who we need to be in order for us to be who we need to be. Nokia News – Quick Recap


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