‘Survivor’ alum blasts the show, calling it “confusing” and a “disaster” in terms of ratings.


‘Survivor’ alum blasts the show, calling it “confusing” and a “disaster” in terms of ratings.


One contentious “Survivor” castaway isn’t bashful about voicing his displeasure with the current season, season 41. Russell Hantz, a three-time American player (who also appeared on Australian “Survivor” for a fourth time), produced a YouTube video for his channel slamming the show for its superfluous twists and dwindling ratings. Here’s what he had to say.

The Season Is ‘Going Down the Tubes,’ According to Hantz.

“Season 41 is heading through the tubes,” Hantz remarked in his video. He went on to remark, “It’s going down rapidly,” and that the ratings are down “a lot.”

But this isn’t entirely accurate. He’s comparing season 41’s ratings to season 40’s “Winners at War,” an all-star season that pitted 20 prior winners against one another. People will tune in to see their favorite players during an all-stars season, as evidenced by the fact that the inaugural all-stars season, which was season eight, consistently drew 1 to 2 million more viewers each week than the two all-newbies seasons preceding it. As a result, comparing an all-newbies season to an all-stars season isn’t a fair comparison.

When comparing season 41 to the preceding three seasons that aired in the fall (seasons 39, 37, and 35), each season has lower ratings than the one before it – episode by episode, each year loses around half a million to one million viewers. “Survivor” is still leading its primetime in the 18-49 demographic, according to The Hollywood Reporter. According to The Hollywood Reporter, when adjusted for “Live + 3 Day” ratings – someone who views within three days of the show showing — “Survivor” adds over a million viewers each week, thus the numbers aren’t awful at all. When live sports are excluded, “Survivor” consistently ranks in the top three in the 18-49 demographic.

Because of the advent of non-linear viewing — DVRs or catching up on a streaming service — ratings are down across the board on broadcast television. As a result, Hantz’s point concerning ratings doesn’t always imply that the season is awful. He is persuaded, though, that it is because of the “wokeness.”

Hantz has been outspoken in his opposition to “Survivor” becoming “woke” this season, beginning with host… Nokia News – Quick Recap


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