The star of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ joined the show to prove her boyfriend wasn’t gay.


The star of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ joined the show to prove her boyfriend wasn’t gay.

Apryl Jones, star of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, recently revealed why she joined the program. The 34-year-old says she joined the cast to help dispel suspicions that her then-boyfriend, musician Omarion, was gay in an interview with MadameNoire. Jones stated she didn’t want to do reality television at first, but she agreed after his management suggested it.

Because there were gay allegations, his management decided it would be beneficial for him to display who he was and what he did in his life. They thought it would be excellent to show he was in a relationship with a woman and had kids and all that. You’re going to do it if you love someone, yet it felt incredibly controlled. I wasn’t my usual self. Plus, I was pregnant both times, so I wasn’t really myself. And I was like “Oh my God” when I got out of that relationship, which was very f***** controlled and had a lot going on. That was where I completely lost myself. Now I’m back to being the silly Apryl, the Apryl who doesn’t care. I would have gone on the television doing that, but I respected him enough to say, “OK, let me shut up.” People overlook the reality that when you’re in a relationship, you have to consider all of these factors. You’re defending someone. You fundamentally want to make that person happy, and you’re prepared to go to any length to achieve that goal. That, I believe, was my situation, and it didn’t help me. But it served him, so s***, as long as it served someone, that’s all that matters. I’m ok.

After breaking her engagement with Omarion, she began a romantic relationship with his B2K bandmate Dreux “Lil’ Fizz” Frederic, which was harshly criticized by their co-stars. The termination of their relationship was reported in January 2020, according to MadameNoire. Jones’ dating of Frederic was investigated because it was considered that he and Omarion were close because they were in the same group. Jones stated that they were not friends and that she did not feel she had done anything wrong to Omarion.

“They weren’t buddies,” she stated emphatically. “Yeah,… Nokia News – Quick Recap


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