Val Chmerkovskiy of DWTS Discusses Retiring After Season 30.


Val Chmerkovskiy of DWTS Discusses Retiring After Season 30.


Val Chmerkovskiy, a professional dancer, joined the cast of “Dancing With the Stars” in season 13 after previously performed on the show a few times. Is he ready to call it a career after his 18th season?

On the November 1 episode of her podcast, “Conversations With Olivia Jade,” his current partner, beauty blogger Olivia Jade, asked him that very question. Discover what he had to say, as well as why this season is more important to him than any other.

Val Is Considering Retiring

“What’s after this for you?” Olivia questioned her pro partner on her podcast. Is this your final season, or do you think there’s still something left in that small dancing body?”

Val promised fans right away that he’ll “absolutely keep dancing,” but he’s unsure about his future on “Dancing With the Stars.”

“‘Dancing With the Stars’ is TBD,” Val stated, adding that he doesn’t think a season will ever surpass season 30 for him.

“I form unique bonds with each of [my lovers], but you’re my favorite. He declared, “You’re my favorite.”

Olivia thought he was just being polite when he laughed, but he went on to explain why this collaboration is so important.

He elaborated:

I’ll tell you what, you’re the biggest surprise I’ve ever had. Out of everyone [with whom I’ve collaborated], you definitely exceeded my expectations. There were certain players who came in and had such a great season, a winning season, but they had potential coming in. I’m not saying they were ringers, but they had potential going in. It was, after all, mine to sabotage. Zendaya and Normani were mine to destroy; they were already fantastic, and all I did was make some smart decisions for them and then get out of their way.

But it’s not that easy with you, and this season is extremely competitive, so it matters even more. The more difficult the journey, the more it means to you, and this one means a lot to me, so how many of these emotionally draining journeys can I take?

Wow. Although we would be sad to see Val leave the show, that is a ringing endorsement of Olivia’s work this season. He’s stated that he’d dance with a man “in a heartbeat” next season, but only because he’s… Nokia News – Quick Recap


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