Before ‘Jersey Shore,’ were Snooki and Deena Cortese friends? ..


Before ‘Jersey Shore,’ were Snooki and Deena Cortese friends? ..

When Deena Cortese made her “Jersey Shore” debut in the third season, fans were led to believe that she and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi had a long-standing friendship. On the other hand, some viewers may be questioning if the castmates were actually close before filming season 3 of “Jersey Shore.”

Deena Cortese and Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi addressed their friendship during an Instagram Live Stream in 2020.
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Deena Nicole Buckner (@deenanicole) made a post on Instagram.

During an April 2020 Instagram live session, Cortese and Polizzi described how they met. According to Polizzi, the “Jersey Shore” co-stars “met on Myspace” before becoming MTV sensations. Polizzi was captivated to her videos on the social networking platform, according to Cortese.

“You viewed my movies and thought to yourself, ‘Oh, you seem so amazing, I’d like to have some fun with you,'” Cortese added.

According to the mother of two, they eventually met in person in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

Cortese continued, “This was before ‘Jersey Shore,’ and we hit it off and had a nice time.”

Polizzi and her “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” co-star “were besties” on their first meeting, she claimed. Cortese continued by claiming that she and Polizzi “were the same person.”

“And we both thought that was ridiculous at the time,” the mother of two revealed.

Cortese went on to say that she was “cast for the first season” of “Jersey Shore,” but that she couldn’t film the show due to “personal circumstances.”

“I couldn’t walk inside the house, so I don’t know who came in for me,” she continues, “but you can ask anyone.” “However, because I was in the f***ing first trailer, Nicole was waiting for me.” “She contacted me and said, ‘Deena, where are you?'” the 34-year-old said when I didn’t show up.

Cortese also alleged that the producers of the show were unaware of her friendship with Polizzi.

“They come to Nicole a few days later and ask, ‘Who were you calling?’ and you respond, ‘Deena.'” They, as well… Quick Recap of Nokia News


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