A new update on Matt Nagy’s future from a Bears insider.


A new update on Matt Nagy’s future from a Bears insider.

According to Chicago Bears source Adam Jahns of The Athletic, Matt Nagy’s job security may not be linked to rookie quarterback Justin Fields.

Given that some notable NFL sources previously stated that Nagy’s future is inextricably linked to Fields’ success or failure, this is a significant development.

“In the last few years, NFC North rivals Matt Nagy in Chicago and Mike Zimmer in Minnesota have had their job security increased. In July, NFL expert Albert Breer stated, “Nagy’s future with the Bears will certainly be tied to Justin Fields’ growth.”

But, according to Jahns’ November 2 column, given how the Bears’ first half of the season went — particularly on offense — that is no longer the case, and Nagy might be fired before the regular season finishes.

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Nagy’s inability to put together a consistent offense could hurt him.

Nagy, who was signed by Bears GM Ryan Pace in 2018 because of his offensive prowess, has struggled to create a consistently good NFL offense. Nagy’s offense was 9th in the NFL in points scored in 2018, averaging 26.3 points per game, but that number was boosted by a season-high seven defensive touchdowns. Every year since, the Bears’ head coach has failed to put together an offense that a) regularly scores points and b) plays to his players’ abilities. Since 2018, here’s how his offenses have performed:

2019: Ranked 29th in total yards and 29th in points (17.5). (296.8)
2020: Finished 22nd in terms of points (23.3) and 26th in terms of total yards (331.4)
2021: 32nd in total yards and 31st in points (15.4). (264.0)

The Bears boast a top-ten running offense so far this season, but not much else:

On offense, the Bears are first with 264.0 yards per game (32nd)
The average play length is 4.42 yards (32nd)
The average number of rush yards each game is 136.5. (5th)
Per carry, 4.55 yards (10th)
The average passing yardage each game is 127.4 yards (32nd)
The average pass distance is 4.90 yards (32nd)
The INT rate is 3.85%. (31st)
sacks per pass: 14.42 percent (32nd)
Each game averages 15.4 points (31st)

November 2, 2021 — Kevin Fishbain (@kfishbain)

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