After McDermott’s criticism, the Bills’ return specialist could be on the hot seat.


After McDermott’s criticism, the Bills’ return specialist could be on the hot seat.

Isaiah McKenzie has helped the Buffalo Bills in the return game, but his clumsy play has earned him criticism from his coach and could jeopardize his job.

Following the departure of All-Pro Andre Roberts, McKenzie took over as the team’s kick and punt returner this season, and has succeeded in turning the field for the Bills. He averages 25.5 yards per kick return and 8.1 yards per punt return, making him one of the league’s best special teams players. McKenzie, on the other hand, has had problems with ball security, which drew the attention of Buffalo Bills coach Sean McDermott this week.

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McKenzie Makes a Mistake Against the Dolphins

McKenzie attempted to field a punt from the 8-yard line in Buffalo’s 26-11 win over the Miami Dolphins on October 31, but muffed it, sending the ball squirting into the endzone and eventually back into the hands of Bills receiver Jake Kumerow for a touchback. The Bills were able to preserve possession despite avoiding what could have been a costly turnover — or possibly a Miami touchdown — in a close game. However, McDermott expressed his displeasure with the play after the game.

He told WROC-Thad TV’s Brown on Twitter, “Putting the ball on the ground is an issue.” “And he’s well aware of it.”

McKenzie’s decision to field the punt drew a lot of flak, and it’s his second return blunder this season. He failed to get into position to field a short, pop-fly kickoff against Washington Football Team, which bounced on the turf and was recovered by Washington.

Isaiah McKenzie made a horrible decision by attempting to field that. That makes absolutely no sense.

October 31, 2021 — Jay Skurski (@JaySkurski)

McDermott hasn’t been hesitant in expressing his contempt for fumbles, even if he isn’t known for being harsh with his players. McDermott expressed his displeasure with the team’s frequent use of the turf ahead of the team’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Many people thought the remarks were… Nokia News – Quick Recap


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