Brad Stevens Reacts to Smart’s Public Call-Out; NBA ‘Gossip’ on Brown and Tatum


Brad Stevens Reacts to Smart’s Public Call-Out; NBA ‘Gossip’ on Brown and Tatum

The Boston Celtics have dropped three straight games. They are currently ranked 12th in the Eastern Conference, allowing a league-high 122 points per game in their last four games. Nonetheless, Marcus Smart’s outspoken criticism of teammates Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum has mostly overshadowed the team’s sinking efforts.

With the team’s difficulties appearing to be worsening, Celtics president of basketball operations Brad Stevens spoke with NBC Sports Boston’s Michael Holley, quickly downplaying the rumored schism between Smart and the team’s two All-Stars.

At the ABCD Hoop Dreams charity event, Stevens remarked, “I believe the most important thing about last night’s message and what he said was that he talked to those guys about it.” “I noticed that today.” When you’re in it and see guys at the facility — when you see him and Jayson eating breakfast together today and talking about how to come up with a solution for our team — those guys want to win. That’s the most essential thing at the end of the day.”

Following the team’s fourth-quarter breakdown against the Chicago Bulls, Smart refused to pull any punches, placing the responsibility squarely at Tatum and Brown, alleging “they don’t want to throw the ball.”

“When you speak publicly, you have to be measured, but the most important thing is that you have to put your name on it,” Stevens said of Smart’s remarks. “And you have to make sure you have those frank, uncomfortable conversations,” says the narrator.

Brown & Tatum’s Ability to Play Together: Doubts

In the larger scheme of things, Tatum and Brown’s late-game fondness for iso ball pales in compared to the lingering worries about whether the two franchise cornerstones can actually play quality, winning basketball together.

NBA writer Jackie MacMullan said NBC Sports Boston, “The NBA is one of the great gossip leagues of all time.” “Everyone loves to gossip, including GMs, agents, and writers.” And that’s the topic of conversation right now: “Can these two guys play together?”

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