Brock Davies is grilled by Andy Cohen about his children and a domestic violence order.


Brock Davies is grilled by Andy Cohen about his children and a domestic violence order.

Andy Cohen grilled Brock Davies with some harsh questions.

During an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” the Bravo host put the “Vanderpump Rules” star on the hot seat after Davies was seen discussing his delicate situation with his divorced ex and his two children who live in Australia. According to Life & Style, Davies has a daughter named Winter and a son named Eli from a prior relationship, but he hasn’t seen them in four years.

Davies revealed that his recent disclosure that he had a domestic violence order imposed on him by his ex is “more complicated than me kicking in the front door and seeing my kids” during a group dinner that appeared on “Vanderpump Rules.”

“The relationship between me and my ex was poisonous, and there was an incident,” he admitted. “I also slapped my partner.” That’s exactly what I did. That’s something I’m not proud of…. We got into a fight, and I slapped her.”

After divorcing from his girlfriend, Davies got into an altercation with her father, and “they pressed the domestic violence order on me,” according to Davies.

He then told Lisa Vanderpump, “We separated, and she took my kids away from me.” “I then had to go to court and file an appeal. It was lifted after we went to court.”

Davie has stated that he left Australia in order to better his life and provide for his children. He claimed that he hasn’t seen his kids in four years out of respect for their mother and her new husband, as well as because he owes child support.

Brock Davies was grilled by Andy Cohen about his past.

Andy Cohen questioned Davies if the restraining order against him is still in effect on “Watch What Happens Live.”

“No, it was postponed…. What was it again… Davies stated, “It was four years ago.”

Davies said, “Now no?” when Cohen inquired if he Factimes his children. Right present, no… The kids are in their environment with their father, they have a wonderful stepfather, and they have a wonderful mother, and that is their family. So the hardest part right now is me wanting to reconnect, and that’s what got me into difficulty trying to explain everything. It’s not a straightforward split. This… Nokia News – Quick Recap


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